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OpenOcean Annual CEO Summit

Deep Tech Gets Delicious - April 4th 2017, London


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A better time,
a better place

Progress is not a certainty and yet the messages of despair and fear trumpeted over social media are (mostly) overblown and self-serving. Over the last few decades the information age has accelerated the good work of the industrial revolution. The world has become a better place: lower levels of poverty, disease, violence, and more education, art and equality. Industry by industry it is being transformed to the benefit of the individual.



Enduring companies shall remain

Europe’s deep tech capabilities are contributing significantly to this change, drawing upon its thousand-year-old universities; a surge of venture and growth capital; and greater numbers of highly skilled developers than the USA. Its global successes are increasingly remaining to become Europe's enduring companies. We are entering a post Silicon Valley age.

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The tech-naissance of the city-state?

All of this has been happening in the age of the Internet, Open Source and low-cost airlines, making it possible to support a greater number of distributed tech hubs than we could ever have seen in the US. Is this the tech-naissance of the city-state?"

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Thriving on digital capabilities

From decentralisation in data management, AI and machine learning, to cloud computing, mobile, genomics, and the ‘4th industrial revolution’, these deep tech drivers are disrupting the world’s key industries. Businesses in Media, Fintech, Workspace, HealthTech and Autonomous Vehicles are all thriving, dependent on their digital capabilities.

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Delivering delicious software

The IT industry itself is undergoing its own ‘devops’ driven digital transformation such that its 4.7 million developers can deliver ‘delicious’ software to the user at an unprecedented pace and productivity.

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The Six Secrets

From deep and delicious tech, to green shoots of growth and then scale, how does one take a software business to series A and beyond?

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Summit Agenda

8am - Breakfast & registration

9am - "Deep Tech Gets Delicious" - OpenOcean intro

9:30am - Morning Keynote

Delicious Software


- Delicious experience delivers

Deep Tech Drivers


- The disappearing database
- Learning to live with Machine Learning





Disrupted Industries


-  Software: bringing socialism or slavery to the workplace?
- Hyper-personalization and the loss of privacy



- Breakout sessions on the key elements of growth and scale- hacking
- Secrets learnt: summary and key take-aways by session leaders

Dinner Keynote


- RSVP'ed guests are welcome to join for an exclusive dinner with a keynote speaker, following the networking drinks

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Selected Speakers

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Thank you for joining us at the OpenOcean Annual CEO Summit!